Stop Carrying the Weight of the World

I love how noble our generation is.

But it means that any goal we have that falls short of “radically transforming the world” is looked down upon. Making success feel unattainable for us mere mortals…

Our daily progress feels trivial and our curiosities feel unimportant.

In a previous article, Don’t Live the Same Year 75 Times, I talked about the magic of reinventing yourself. How living a life of continuous improvement can eliminate many of our modern anxieties…

One of those being Rushing Your Life—wishing away perfectly good years because the journey we’ve found ourselves on is not the one we hoped for…

Another one is Doubting Yourself—being so uncomfortable with following our internal guidance that we outsource our decisions to others and follow a beaten path…

And the final one is carrying the weight of the world.

We wait for the big idea to come to us. The perfect opportunity that will bring overnight success. Yet we disqualify our curiosities… ignoring the “insignificant” 1% changes that might compound over time into massive shifts.

In embracing a lifestyle of reinvention, we can hopefully throw away these pressures of trying to single-handedly transform the world. Or feeling like anything less than that requires us to play small.

Instead, let’s grant ourselves permission to selfishly dive into our curiosities and passions, becoming so good at them that our human potential grows bigger and produces more game changing work… that eventually spreads to impacting more people. 

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world … as in being able to remake ourselves.” – Gandhi

The only pressure we should put on ourselves is to become improved versions of ourselves each year.

Instead of setting out to transform the world, let’s be selfish and start maximizing our potential.

If everyone focused on improving themselves, there would be seven billion people on this planet living with superpowers.

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