It's time you
                        that new passion into the world.

Hey, visionary

It's time to              that new passion into the world.


You didn't come this far to only come this far. The blessing and curse of our multi-passionate hearts is that the constant hum of ambition? It never goes away. And we both know we wouldn't want it any other way.

OUR values:


We are here to live a rich life, not a boring life.


Turn your house of cards into a streamlined empire.


If you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.

Project Management for Entrepreneurs

You're not stuck, you're simply... bored. And that secret passion of yours? It's just begging to be released into the world. I'm here to help you map out the strategy, get sh*t done, and expand into the next level of your growth.

With almost a decade in the online business space, I've consulted for hundreds of business owners across various industries. There's no "one right way" to grow your business and I'll help guide your multi-passionate heart towards building the business you really want—fuelled by joy, fulfillment, and intrinsic motivation.


Personal Brand Coaching for Professionals

Personal branding is no longer a fluffy pursuit, but your most valuable asset in digitizing your reputation and accelerating trust online. Paired with your multi-passionate heart? It's a powerful vessel for unleashing your creativity, releasing new projects into the world, and expanding into additional income streams.

Having worked with hundreds of 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs—from thought leaders at Mindvalley to service providers at Shopify—I've discovered that the path to higher growth and success is bringing more you into into the business. Knowing this, I'm here to help supercharge your personal brand so you can begin unravelling the essence of who you are and begin laying a foundation for your future business.

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"Sigute is my top choice for taking care of what matters most in my business."



I've worked with Sigute on many projects where she was responsible for scaling businesses. Through it all, she has been a high performer and joy to work with, whether it be through her world-class relationship management skills or simply her trustworthy nature.



"Sigute has an uncanny ability to bring order to chaos and her attention to detail would impress even a Swiss watchmaker."

I have never seen anyone execute on tasks with precision, efficiency and with so little drama. On top of that, she has a great sense of humour. If you want to raise the standard of your organisation from good to world-class, Sigute will get you there.


"If there's one person I would always want to work with, it's Sigute."

Her ability to manage complex projects in the shortest time and the most efficient way is rare to have. Combined with her patience, calmness, and great communication skills, she's a joy to work with. You will never be disappointed.


"Working with Sigute has been a game changer for my business."

Sigute helped me with a huge re-brand and website overhaul. She also helped me create and launch a new community offer, while streamlining the backend of my business. I'm now in a position where I spend so few hours inside my coaching business that I have more time, energy, and freedom for other projects without taking on less clients. She truly is that unicorn human who will support you as if your business was her own, who brings her awesomeness to everything she does, and is such a joy to work with. I cannot recommend Sigute more. 

"If you're ready to finally pull the trigger on your next big project, Sigute is your lady!"

Sigute helped me gain clarity and confidence in the direction of my personal brand. She held me accountable (lovingly) and kept me focused on completing the next task that was needed to accomplish my goal. I have now (finally!) launched my new personal brand and The GlowJo Podcast. Without Sigute helping me navigate this new territory, it might have taken another year or two for this to come to life. She's passionate, organized, creative, and dedicated to her client's success. Her unique skill set and warm personality make her an excellent Coach and Project Manager.

- Leanne, founder AT THE GLOWJO

More client love...

 Sigute has a real knack for providing clarity and structure. She helped me get to know myself better—who I really am, what I want, and what I care about—rather than chasing ego-driven pursuits that I know aren't aligned anymore. I could spew out a convoluted thought and she instantly helped me make sense of it and apply it in more practical terms. Working with Sigute made me a better writer by giving me a way to organize and collect my thoughts. During our 3 months together, I launched a Medium publication and started a freelance writing gig, earning double what I used to charge because I felt confident asking for it!

I needed someone to give me the confidence boost to start sharing my voice.

christine launched a freelance side hustle

I loved working with Sigute and looked forward to our calls. She helped me structure my content on LinkedIn and integrate my background into a new industry. We accomplished a lot in three months and I can say that Sigute was 100% responsible for the strong foundation I built for my rebrand. I would recommend Sigute to anyone who is open, passionate, and ready to build their online presence and put themselves out there in the world.

"Sigute gave me the direction, structure, and confidence I needed to take the leap on my rebranding.


Working with Sigute has been remarkable! Her warmth, genuine curiosity, and ability to provide structure and ask the right questions really helped me gain clarity. I was able to execute everything AND make some exciting life changes and decisions. I'm looking forward to working with her again!

"I needed direction with building my personal brand and creating an online presence—and I gained a lot more.

Jennifer launched her website


There are plenty of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

While everyone is selling you their “one secret” to success, I’m here to remind you that no one has the answer to what will make you come alive. I hope this space gives you the superpowers to think big and act big, never giving up on your version of a dream life.

We are all goddamn cheetahs — regal, powerful, and wild. Sometimes we forget, often because we are sedated by society's norms. But the wildness is always there within us.

I've been many women in my lifetime—career professional, side hustler, freelancer, real estate investor, and plenty more. For those of us who are multi-passionates? Career pivots will always be a part of our life. There will be no "arriving", only continuous experimentation and growth. Today, I'm a writer, business strategist, project manager, and personal branding coach.