It's time to
                        that new passion into the world.

Hey, visionary

It's time to              that new passion into the world.


You didn't come this far to only come this far. The blessing and curse of our multi-passionate hearts is that the constant hum of ambition? It never goes away. And we both know we wouldn't want it any other way.

OUR values:


We are here to live a rich life, not a boring life.


Turn your house of cards into a streamlined empire.


If you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.

Project Manager for Creative Entrepreneurs

Just because you can’t clone yourself (and I know you’ve tried) doesn’t mean your ideas should be left collecting dust. You might just need someone in your corner to help strategize and get sh*t done.

I have a unique project management method that's tailored to your strengths and preferences, and mixes in mentorship, business consulting, and a fun energy to make your work feel like play. For this reason, I work with select 1-on-1 clients whose business and vibe I'm obsessed with.


Personal Brand and Biz Mentorship

There's nothing I love more than helping professionals pivot their personal brands and build new income streams. I've done it enough times myself to know that it's an awkward transition phase, but nothing that a dose of mentorship and weekly accountability can't solve!

I've spent almost a decade working at world-class companies, like Shopify and Mindvalley, and have coached hundreds of online business owners in various industries. There's no "one right way" to grow your business and I'm here to help guide your multi-passionate heart towards building the business you really want.



Bringing our ideas into the real world is no joke—they've lived so peacefully in our minds over the years. And taking those first steps to get them out? The hardest. But also my favourite part.


I've been many women in my lifetime—career professional, side hustler, freelancer, real estate investor, and plenty more. For those of us who are multi-passionates? Career pivots will always be a part of our life. There will be no "arriving", only continuous experimentation and growth. Today, I'm an online business strategist, project manager, digital creator, speaker, and writer.