hey, I'm SIGUTE

I'm a professional with a creative spirit who reclaimed her career by stepping into the unlimited abundance of the online world. 

My story really began in June 2013 when I wrote the very first entry in my accountability journal:

"I have always wanted success and knew I would achieve it. But I always thought it would happen overnight. Like I would just wake up one day and it would fall into my lap. That "someday" it will happen. As if I would just one day transition from my average day to day life into this mystical world of success. Funny how years have passed and I still believe that day is coming."


Almost a decade later, my journal is filled with thousands of entries—of pain, frustration, and moments of giving up. But it's also filled with getting back up, trying again just one more time, and daily pep talks to avoid settling for a boring life.

Our passion is a fickle thing, isn't it?

It can make us come alive or it can destroy us from within if we take too long to release it into the wild. Over the years, I've discovered a pattern about myself: I will come alive with a new passion, jump into it like a mad woman, and right before I release it out into the world? I burn it to the ground. My fear becomes all-encompassing and the idea of destroying my precious dream starts to feel comforting. There's a deceptive serenity in these moments... a sense of calm before the storm. And then, my unborn passion, the one that's still trapped inside of me, builds a fiery rage against me — blowing up every ounce of confidence, willpower, and strength within me. How sweet, right?!

Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

I treasure this quote by Robin Sharma. It has changed how I dance with my passions, giving me permission to explore my curiosities and embrace the sacrifices that come with constant growth. I've learned that while so many of us are chasing "expert" status, the real flex is continuously pursuing a rookie label. Dropping the need to find our "one thing" and caring more about living a deeply fulfilling life on our own terms.

I've been many women in my lifetime.

And I hope to be many more. Living a proudly ambitious and multi-passionate life, which comes with not being afraid to give up the good to go for the great.


Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

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