Stop Doubting Yourself

We love a good come up story.

Every celebrity and entrepreneur today is crediting their success to the hardships they had to push through to get to where they are now.

Turning their unsuccessful pasts into something of power.

We do the opposite. We use our past as proof for why life is the way it is and why it will continue being that way. Letting every situation feel permanent and irreversible. Leaving every decision filled with doubt.

In a previous article, Don’t Live the Same Year 75 Times, I talked about the magic of reinventing yourself. How living a life of continuous improvement can eliminate many of our modern anxieties. One of those being rushing your life—wishing away perfectly good years because the journey we’ve found ourselves on is not the one we hoped for.

Another one is doubting yourself.

We doubt ourselves because every decision feels permanent and we wrongly assume the doubt will go away if we just outsource our decisions to others… by following a beaten path.

It’s a short term fix that comes back in magnitude when we start seeing others living with happiness and success—two states that aren’t so common along the beaten path.

So how do you stop doubting yourself?

By embracing the power of reinventing yourself—a mindset that gives you freedom to be and do whatever the hell you want at any age. To try new interests, to follow your curiosities, and to pivot when needed.

Because here’s the spoiler: making the “right” decision is subjective. It depends on what you want at a given time, what the outcome of that decision means to you, and what it’s leading you towards. Answers that are so, so different for each person.

Being able to make up your own answers is the best part of living a unique life. Decisions are made in split seconds and without doubt. The ups and downs of life matter less because you’re not after a specific result, but after a specific direction.

The more you embrace pivoting and reinventing your life… the more confident you become in making decisions… the faster you’re able to see and grab opportunities… the closer you move towards your dream life…

Imagine this cycle happening over and over again, growing stronger each time. You eventually stop doubting yourself.

  1. It starts with giving yourself permission to reinvent any area of your life that could be serving you better.
  2. Feeling worthy to take more than you’ve been given and allowing yourself to dream up a better life.
  3. And then focusing exclusively on the positives in your life, so your life story grows into one of great decisions, timely luck, and superpowers.

… because it’s never our actual story that matters, it’s how we think and talk about it. We build it based on which memories we choose to carry with us. How would you describe your past five years? Do they paint you in a positive light or a negative light? Does your story empower you or make you feel unworthy of anything great?

Instead of doubting ourselves, let’s start writing an epic come up story.

There’s no better confidence boost than living a life that’s extraordinary and doing work you’re exceptionally great at. Don’t deprive yourself of this feeling.

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