Proudly Ambitious and Multi-Passionate

Spoiler alert: you don't need to quit your job tomorrow, move to a private island, and become a self-made billionaire in order to start living a rich and fulfilling life.


There are plenty of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

While everyone is selling you their “one secret” to success, I’m here to remind you that no one has the answer to what will make you come alive. I hope this space gives you the superpowers to think big and act big, never giving up on your version of a dream life.

We are all goddamn cheetahs—regal, powerful, and wild. Sometimes we forget, often because we are sedated by society's norms. But the wildness is always there within us.

There's unlimited abundance in the online world and what I'm trying to figure out is... why are we, ambitious professionals, with our fancy degrees and powerful careers, not taking part as well?!

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I write for the ambitious, multi-passionate, perfectionist, and overachieving professionals who dream of more than the status quo. (In other words, I write for myself...)


The Podcast

I promise, it's coming. The seed of an idea is slowly and delicately growing inside of me. Art is a fickle thing, isn't it? It can make us come alive or it can destroy us from within if we take too long to release it into the wild.


I've been many women in my lifetime—career professional, side hustler, freelancer, real estate investor, and plenty more. For those of us who are multi-passionates? Career pivots will always be a part of our life. There will be no "arriving", only continuous experimentation and growth. Today, I'm a writer, business strategist, project manager, and personal branding coach.