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How to Claim Your Identity & Radiate as a Multi-Passionate in a Linear World

DROP YOUR fear of reinvention and pivoting.


unleash your ambition and build your dream future self.

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This book is for the...

Ambitious, Multi-Passionate, and High Achieving Professionals

Multi-Passionate is a collection of bite-sized chapters meant to be revisited regularly to keep you on the path of building your exquisite life and a career off the beaten path. I hope it becomes your oasis when the world tries to knock you off your multi-passionate throne.

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“If you never quite felt like you fit in with the "find one thing and stick with it forever" crowd, then this is for you. A permission slip to have multiple things that light you up and to chart your own course.”

best-selling author of radically content

maybe you relate?

I’ve always been driven, curious, and ambitious. But here's the the thing...

 I’ve also carried shame about not having found my “one thing”. That little thought used to dangle over any success I would achieve, or any goal I would conquer, or any new passions I would dive into. Always at the ready to remind me that “real” success is going all in on one thing for the rest of your life.

And that's why you need this book.

You didn’t stumble into this life to do the same thing every day based on a proven formula that’s guaranteed to never change. That kind of life is based on fear. And fear is boring. It’s mediocre. It’s missing colour and laughter. It’s a gradual loss of excitement, joy, and joie de vivre.

Your multi-passionate heart is here to save you from that version of life. How lucky are you to have it?! If you listen to it, it will guide you to building a life and career that is forever expressing your full potential.

Being multi-passionate is your superpower.

“In a world where we are told to just be and do one thing, Multi-Passionate is a helpful reminder that we can and be it all. In fact, that is our dharmas.”

— Sahara Rose —
best-selling author and host of Highest Self Podcast 

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If you don't bring forth the creativity within you, it will destroy you. Little by little, until you life isn't the magical experience you always dreamed it to be.


We're here to live a rich life, not a boring life—rich in friends, experiences, and meaningful acts outside our comfort zones.


Join our community of proudly ambitious multi-passionates building a life and business on their terms.

Meet the author

Hey, I'm Sigute

I'm a speaker, writer, and business coach on a mission to help professionals build careers that evolve with them.

Formerly the Director of Partnerships at Mindvalley and Strategic Partnerships Lead at Shopify, I have over 10 years of experience building brands and businesses for online knowledge-based entrepreneurs.

I launched my consultancy in 2016 as a "side hustle" and quickly grew it into a full-time business that allowed me to retire from corporate at 32.

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Multi-Passionate redefines what success looks like in the modern world. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to step into their fullest expression. Sigute is the expert at mixing reinvention with elegance, chic brilliance for your next chapter.”

best-selling author and host of the brave table Podcast