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Confidence When You're a Perfectionist

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I’ve had a fascinating month of observing myself from the lens of an entrepreneur. Noticing the many ways my confidence has shifted—choosing to disappear from areas where it previously resided, and showing up fiercely in areas I hadn’t expected it to show up so soon. With Shopify at my back, my confidence was well boosted. […]



Building a Minimalist Business

In the words of our dear friend Leonardo Da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.



Romance Yourself

We uncover a new way of living—one where we can be connected to our inner wisdom, are able to reclaim our freedom, and can step into unlimited abundance.


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Hey, I'm Sigute. 
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While everyone is selling you their “one secret” to success, I’m here to remind you that no one has the answer to what will make you come alive. I hope this space gives you the superpowers to think big and act big, never giving up on your version of a dream life.

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