The Feminine Revolution

The Feminine Revolution


Last week’s newsletter was a big release of all the interconnected ideas that I’ve been simmering on all summer long.

Ideas that were ready to be released, but that I wasn’t ready to release from my tight grip.

The biggest barrier I’ve had to overcome in my writing journey has not been fear of what others would say (although that has also been a part of it), but it was dropping my academic brain to get deep into my creative flow. To approach my newsletters from a place of exploration rather than a researched thesis being presented at a UN Convention.

Stepping into creative intelligence requires us to release academic perfection, to send imperfect ideas out into the world and let the world dance with them for a moment.

And so last week, I did. Without a perfect bow on my ideas and without an action plan. Just my imperfect meandering thoughts.

But turns out, those just meandering thoughts have unlocked my ability to see a new perspective of the world.

Coming from a quintessentially Eastern European family of mathematicians with doctorate degrees, there’s a deep connection between my sense of worth and my academic achievements.

Creativity and writing feels like… a waste of my intelligence.

Why write when I can solve equations?

Why dream when I can be productive?

Last week, I asked the question: Is “Winning” Something We Should Strive For?

I questioned whether not striving to win would waste my potential.

I also questioned why winning was deemed the peak of our potential. Shouldn’t our potential as humans be more… I don’t know… of an inside job? More personal? Like how radiant our energy is? How deeply we can express our true self? How much love we radiate into the world?

It feels too fluffy. Something about winning a gold medal feels more rewarding than being a happy person.

And then it hit me: there is definitely some internalized misogyny inside me that is seeing these feminine qualities—of creativity and flow—as fluffy and weak. While I believe in their importance, I don’t believe in their equality with masculine traits of winning and success. I can blame the outside world all I want, but it’s all there inside of me too.


In January of this year I promised myself to bring more creativity into my life. And I have absolutely done that and I’m proud. I love my Creativity Days every Friday. But I’ve also noticed that when I try to weave creativity into the rest of the week there’s guilt attached to it. Like I’m slacking. Like the impulse to write at 1pm in the afternoon on a Monday is wrong.

Which shows me that it’s time to supercharge my promise to myself. Not only will I bring more creativity into my life, but I will start to value my creative intelligence as much as I do my academic intelligence.

I don’t think I’m alone on this quest.

I’ve noticed many professionals start to lean into their creativity too.

In fact, our entire planet is beginning to rip at the seams from the repressed feminine energy that is bursting through, finally, ready to claim its equal place in this world.

We are in the fiery depths of a spiritual feminine revolution.

And I don’t mean women’s revolution. We’re not burning men at the stake here. Both genders have suffered from this 100% masculine world just like both genders would suffer from a 100% feminine world.

This fiery feminine revolution is bringing us back to the 50/50.

It arms us with two sets of intelligences: academic intelligence and creative intelligence.

It arms us with two sets of motivation: discipline and compassion.

It arms us with two speeds: fast and slow.

Both equally powerful and up to us to choose which one to tap into for every situation in life.

Will you choose to go fast in this phase of life? Or go slow?

Will you pull out your discipline for this goal? Or compassion?

Will you tap into your logical brain for this obstacle? Or intuitive brain?

As a society, we’ve made such rapid advancements in the world that we’re beginning to outpace our evolutionary growth. Our human brain is lagging behind where technology is taking us.

But this isn’t a moment of panic and doom.

It’s a moment of recognition that we need to set our egos aside, need to set our academic brains aside, and start going straight to source for the answers. In other words, it’s time to pay mommy Universe a visit. And the only way to do that is through our feminine energy: creativity, dreaming, flow states, staring at the stars, laughter, community,… anything that allows us to tap into our knowing instead of trying to gain more intellectual knowledge.

My revelation from last week’s newsletter is that I’m torn between two approaches to life because there are two approaches to life.

Without masculine energy, we lose the discipline to push towards our goals. But without feminine energy, we are closed off from the comfort of knowing that we’re perfect just as we are today.

Through this lens, then…

Doesn’t it seem like maybe this pandemic happened for us?

Who else found themselves connected to nature more this year?

Who else deepened their close friendships?

Who else sprinkled more creativity into their intellectual careers?

Who else cut down their go, go go, lifestyle?

Who else noticed the colour of the sky more often?

Who else fell in love with gardening and eating raw veggies plucked from the earth?

Who else has more time to read, lounge, dream?

We’re in the midst of the greatest growth spurt of our lifetime. Everyone’s soul has developed stretch marks from this past year.

But if a feminine revolution is what’s on the other side of this growth phase?

Then sign me the fuck up.

If that means I can put down my academic brain without my self worth dropping with it… sign me the fuck up.

If I can choose non-financial goals without my sense of success vanishing… sign me the fuck up.

If I can press pause on my productivity without fear that my ambition will disappear… sign me the fuck up.

I have an unpopular opinion to share:  I’m proud to be living during this time. Our generation—this current blip in history—will mark a transition towards a more balanced way of life.

I’m proud because that’s the future I believe in.

You are free to choose whatever version of the future you believe in, too.

Just ask yourself this: Is your vision of the future serving you?

Does it help you radiate kindness?

Does it motivate you to build a beautiful world?

Does it help you show up with compassion for others?

If you’re here and reading this, I know it definitely does for you, too. Thank you for that. Thank you for generating more lightness in the world. Because the worst thing we can do is give up on the world during its growth spurt.

It may look gawky, it may still be finding its feet, but holy hell what a magnificent creature it will soon become.

I can see it. Can you?

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