No BS Formula for Achieving Your Goals

How often do you contribute to the graveyard of dreams?

You know… the place where every unmet goal ends up.

I’ve contributed my fair share, but these days I’m too protective of my goals. I want to see them achieved, not fizzled out.

There’s no unicorn dust that will turn goals into reality overnight… but I do have a ‘No BS’ formula that gives them a fighting chance. This formula includes: taking consistent action towards your goals, supercharging your circle of influence, and embracing collaboration.

I won’t even entertain a new goal without first plugging it into this formula.

Consistent action

As we try to escape traditional office slavery, we mistakenly throw our best habits out the window too. We’ll show up at 9am at a job we don’t like, but we won’t show up at 8am to pursue our dreams. What gives?!

We’re scared to suffocate our passions with a routine because we’ve learned to associate it with a restrictive office environment. When in reality, a self-imposed routine will actually lead to more freedom. I’ve shared my thoughts on this before—specifically, how time blocking has supercharged my success.

If you’re someone who’s stuck in their thoughts all the time—what will people think, is this the right move, what should I dooooo with my life—then taking consistent action is absolutely for you.

There’s only one reason I’ve showed up consistently over the past six months to publish a weekly article and that’s my strict routine. It has allowed me to separate my emotions from taking action. In the first two months my emotions were telling me I’m an idiot for sharing my thoughts publicly, but my routine forced me to keep doing it. The third and fourth month, my emotions were telling me that no one is finding value from my articles, but my routine forced me to keep doing it. And most recently, my emotions were telling me I’m not a good writer, but, once again, my routine forced me to hit publish.

If I had relied on my emotions, you wouldn’t be reading these words.

Know that the voices never go away, you just learn to ignore them through consistent action.

Circle of influence

I love this quote from Reid Hoffman: “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.”

Our circle of influence holds so much influential power over us, so it’s important that we’re intentional about building an environment that will give us superpowers. Eliminating the negative influences around us and cultivating more positive relationships that align with our goals.

Surround yourself with like-minded people so that your dreams are met without judgement, but instead, with excitement. Surround yourself with people who are already living your dreams—whether that’s an offline community, an online membership, or a podcast. The faster your goals can feel achievable, the faster you move towards actually achieving them.

If you’re not working on your goals today, nothing will change by tomorrow. You can be hard on yourself about that fact, or you can start making simple changes that will give you superpowers. Start by auditing your inner circle and prioritizing which relationships you’ll invest more or less time in. Then start building your outer circle of influence—the podcasts you follow, the online groups you join, and the local events you attend which support your new goals.


Gone are the days of climbing a ladder and pushing others down for individual benefit. Thankfully, we’re evolving into kinder and more conscious people who rally behind a universal mission or purpose rather than personal accolades.

Today, it’s about following your unique path and surrounding yourself with like-minded hustlers who will accompany you on this adventure. There’s unlimited abundance, freedom, and happiness to go around, so let’s continue expanding the pie by working together.

Collaborations come in many forms and evolve at every stage of your goal-getting. In the beginning, collaborating with someone might simply be the safety blanket you need to get started. As you grow, you can start collaborating with like-minded peers to take your goals to the next level. With even more growth, you may move into larger collaborations with brands and companies.

So – what’s one goal that’s keeping you up at night?

How can you create a consistent routine of taking action towards this goal?

How can you supercharge your circle of influence?

How can you embrace collaboration more?

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