Embracing Small Daily Actions

There are enough articles out there about the exponential power of taking daily action.

I won’t add to that pile—we’re all smart enough to know the benefits of marathoning our goals instead of sprinting at them.

But then why are so many of us still stagnant in certain areas of our lives?

At best we have a daily gym regimen. But it stops there. No daily regimen for our careers or passion projects.

We’re sitting, waiting to make that big leap. Waiting for a massive transformation to happen overnight.

It’s almost like because something requires daily action that we start to think we’re not deserving of it. That if we truly deserved it, it wouldn’t take that much work.

We see the value for daily action in some areas (a consistent fitness routine), but not in others (that podcast you’ve been wanting to start).

The habit of small daily actions is meant to be replicated in every area of life.

I see this every day in my world of partnerships. You won’t succeed without making consistent efforts in building meaningful relationships.

I could give you the best email template for a cold outreach, but that would only get you through the door.

I could also give you tips to be more engaging, but that only gets you a great first call.

The real secret is: taking small daily action.

I’ve seen too many would-be-awesome-opportunities fizzle out because they weren’t nurtured for the long term.

As anyone in this field knows, you don’t strike a deal on the first call.

You reach out before you need something. And you consistently work on building your network and personal brand.

Being known by the people you want to build partnerships with…

Being liked by the people you want to build partnerships with…

… and consistently repeating steps one and two to build trust with them.

Only then should you allow opportunities to surface organically, while fuelling them with intention and purpose. As a relationship is nurtured and begins to grow stronger, you are able to unleash more creativity and risk-taking in the partnership.

And that’s where long-term success lies, always beyond the initial quick wins.

Now, swap out partnerships for anything else and these principles still apply. Start approaching every goal with consistent daily action for long-term success.

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