Adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Your Life and Career

entrepreneur mindset

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur today.

The pendulum has swung and we’re no longer chasing a cushy 9-5, suburban home, or 2.4 kids. Instead, a new norm has emerged: starting your own business in the hopes of becoming the next Uber or Instagram. The herd mentality continues…

Building an app is not what defines an entrepreneur. And calling oneself an entrepreneur does not guarantee freedom, travel, money, or impact.

In my quest to sort through this madness, I’ve noticed a very simple reason for why we’re running to label ourselves this way…

We’re attracted to entrepreneurship because of the mindset that entrepreneurs have. It represents a break from the rat race and an intentional way of living—where you dictate your schedule, your whereabouts, your earning potential, and are fully aligned with your passions. Most importantly, the self-awareness that guides you to know exactly what you want vs. what everyone around you is pursuing.

We all have a unique set of interests, ambitions, and strengths that makes it difficult to believe that the same career prescription will satisfy every one of us. Being an entrepreneur may suit some of us, and being a freelancer may suit another group of us, and being an intrapreneur within an established company may suit even another group of us.

The important thing is to be making that decision for yourself. And allowing yourself to re-invent as your interests and ambitions change.

I would urge you to define your ideal lifestyle first, then build your career alongside it. As someone who wholeheartedly loves her career, I cannot believe how freeing and enjoyable life is when there’s no separation between work and “real life”.

To be honest, it feels like I’m slacking 90% of the time because what I’m getting paid for is also what I derive immense pleasure from. My days involve conversations with ambitious partners around the world. Strategy calls with friends—sorry, colleagues. And my bread and butter: automation, streamlining processes, and bringing order to creative chaos. (Remember the part where I said what gets me jazzed up is probably the opposite for you?!)

I would love to dive into some practical examples of how my mindset has evolved and to hear about yours. So let me know if this is resonating with you.

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