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Release your new passion into the world, build a career with multiple income streams, and finally unleash your multi-passionate ambition.

We’ll help you escape a life of mediocrity ✈️, earn a new stream of income 💸, build a network of peers who inspire you 🧑‍🤝‍🧑, and feel excited about your career again 💻.

Follow Your Curiosity Towards Your Next Income Stream

“I honestly got way more out of this than I could have imagined!”

Having all these women to lean on, who support and understand me, who are open and share their wisdom has been invaluable to me. Every single one of them has shared such wise and practical advice that has helped me in my day to day. The homework and deep reflective conversations were so helpful and inspiring! 

I felt it was perfectly structured for what I was looking for. Creating these relationships with the women in this group was really quite life changing! Thank you! 

Kayla, interior designer

“It’s made me feel like I’m not alone in how I view my ambitions.”

It’s been powerful to help with my mindset shift in what my gut has been telling me all these years toward what motivates me and makes me happy / fulfills me. It’s also been a gift to be able to spend that dedicated time to focus on myself and my passion for starting my side hustle. I’ve been able to reflect on where I’ve come from and be confident in where I’m going next. 

The mentorship and support from everyone in the group has been a gift! Thank you to Jill and Sigute for bringing these incredible people together. 

Traci, Sales consultant

“I took a big leap and left a job I'd outgrown.”

The live coaching calls inside Multi-Passionate Mastermind were incredibly valuable. Connecting with other women and hearing their stories, experiences, and insight, I felt less alone in my own process. The homework and take-aways were also really helpful to shift perspective and take action where I'd been feeling blocked.

I'm trusting myself in a new way with respect to my career. It feels scary and yet I've learned to trust that whispering voice that says 'yes more of this'. It's so powerful to not feel isolated and to move through change, identity shifts, creation in community. I'm feeling really resourced and not sure I would be able to say that without this group. 

Cait, Director

"I’m Ready to Create an Impact in the World, Find My Soul People, And Never Again Apologize For My Multi-Passionate Ambition—All While Sipping Champagne By the Pool On a Weekday Afternoon.”

Any of these describe your current situation?

You’ve been watching people around you start to make money in new and unconventional ways and you’re starting to wonder if there’s a slice of the pie for you.

You love your career, but what if you stepped out of the “employee” label and actually monetized your passion project? Earned a little moolah on the side? Even if it was just to pay for a new hobby or give you some extra income to buy that ludicrously capacious handbag you’ve been eyeing.

You oversee a million dollar business, manage hundreds of people, and run projects that are world-class… except you’ve only ever done this for someone else’s business. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. You’re the best kept secret in the industry and your employer is secretly thankful that you’ve chosen to build their businesses instead of your own.

You've been procrastinating on your passion because you’ve been told to go ALL IN on “one thing”. Every time you get excited about starting something new and want to share it with your friends, you start to picture their eyes rolling and getting their “you have a new idea… again?!” judgements.

You’ve been craving to make a greater impact in the world but worry your only talent is planning out corporate re-orgs for the rest of your career.

You want more excitement, fulfilment, and peace in your life… and a career that lets you evolve alongside your curiosities… without ever feeling trapped inside a small box of potential.

Multi-Passionate Mastermind is an All-New Way to Launch a Passion Project and Design a Spacious Life Filled With Calmness, Ease, and Joy.

This movement has been in progress for years—the last few years only accelerated the inevitable. Innovation leaped decades forward, making the career and business landscape unrecognizable from the rules we grew up with. Careers are no longer defined by the one job you have, but by the impact you're creating through your many initiatives.

The traditional business world is broken. We all know it.

Your burnout, imposter syndrome, and slow-as-molasses income growth has nothing to do with your actual potential. It has to do with a system that was literally built to get the most out of you for the lowest price you will accept.

And if you have a life filled with responsibilities? You have no choice but to accept what you’re given. And so, you accept that small percentage raise that’s barely keeping up with inflation instead of finding a way to make money on your own terms.

You’re left feeling dissatisfied, taken for granted, and like you’re constantly fighting to prove your worth instead of doing what actually matters: creating an impact in society.

Anyone with a passion project has become even more overwhelmed than ever before because when the barriers of entry are quickly disappearing (this is a good thing), we put unrealistic standards of success on ourselves (this is a bad thing).

We want a million dollar business, or not start a business at all.

Multi-Passionate Mastermind helps you create that.

So what are all the ambitious multi-passionates doing instead?

We’re seeking a new, ease-filled version of success—following our passions towards unlimited pivots, experiences, and abundance. We are reclaiming our careers and creating businesses we crave: businesses that value authentic living as much as they do success.

“I feel so aligned with my purpose being authentically me.”

There was tremendous value in the leaders being open and vulnerable about their own experiences. I appreciated the honest sharing inside the pods and the great homework and exercises that gave me something to look back on and remind myself of my worth.

I’ve been graduated from yoga therapy for almost 4 years and this is the first time I’ve attracted a client!

Amara, Yoga Therapist

“This mastermind helped me present my best self to the world.”

Multi-Passionate Mastermind provided me with a safe space to share and really be seen and heard by experienced thought leaders.

I loved connecting with other women who were going through their own self transformation journey and beginning to create their own legacy in the world. I felt so supported throughout the mastermind by Sigute and Jill and their expert guidance.

Francesca, master coach

Multi-Passionate Mastermind has three goals:

Make Multiple Streams of Income (Goal: Pursue Your New Passion)

The harder you work, the more work gets added to your plate. It’s the corporate paradox: high achievers get rewarded with burnout. You start to find yourself stripping away the niceties of life: your morning workout, drinks with friends, reading fiction on the weekends, your joie de vivre. Join Multi-Passionate Mastermind and learn how to stop hustling under a salary cap and start planting trees that grow money.

Get Paid for Being You (Goal: Turn Your Creativity Into Marketing)

A core tenant of our mastermind is its emphasis on becoming a whole human again. Instead of splitting yourself into “personal” and “professional” versions, or “productive” and “lazy” versions, we combine them into a powerhouse combination where every second of your life is as important as the money-making moments. Go ahead, spend the afternoon reading. And tomorrow, spend the morning journaling with a frothy cup of coffee.

Play Impact Games, Not Status Games (Goal: Make the World 1% Better)

Become immune to the carrots that society dangles in front of our egos, trying to elicit a desired behaviour. There is so much power in having a purpose bigger than being a cog in the machine of society. You are here for more. The little voice in your head keeps whispering it to you, and the sooner you listen to it, the sooner your life will transform. The Multi-Passionate Mastermind is here to guide you through that transition. It’s time to make the world 1% better in your unique way.

“I'm finally able to prioritize all aspects of myself.”

The accountability in this group has been the most valuable for me and has helped me expand my truth in a safe space. The variety of inputs from other amazing, successful people has helped to broaden my perspective on both personal and professionals matters.

I'm excited to look at my contributions and past experiences through a new lens versus the ways I have presented myself in the past.

Breanne, consultant

“I have a lot more clarity and don't feel stuck anymore.”

Multi-passionate Mastermind was a transformative experience and each session was the highlight of my week.

Guided by the incredible Sigute and Jill, I gained clarity on my values, vision, and goals, and identified actionable steps to get started with the changes I desired in my life. This group of inspiring women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, was a constant source of motivation. I loved being part of such a supportive and wonderful community.

Leah, consultant

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A one-of-a-kind group coaching and mastermind experience. 

Multi-Passionate Mastermind is created with your uniqueness in mind—providing the guidance of a group coaching program and the community support of a mastermind.

We’ll get together for 10 Zoom calls over the next 5 months and inspire each other to take massive action towards your dream business and ideal lifestyle.

Between calls, you’ll have the replays to rewatch and unpack, and a private forum to comment and track your progress. This isn’t just about BEING. It’s also about DOING. Because the way to grow your confidence is to build an undeniable stack of accomplishments, not to shout affirmations in the mirror.

May 7th, 2024 – SEptember 17th, 2024

Call 1: Tuesday, May 7th
Call 2: Tuesday, May 21st
CALL 3: TUESDAY, Jun 4th
CALL 4: TUESDAY, Jun 18th
✨ mid-summer break ✨
CALL 5: TUESDAY, Jul 9th
CALL 6: TUESDAY, Jul 23rd
CALL 7: TUESDAY, Aug 6th
CALL 8: TUESDAY, Aug 20th
CALL 9: TUESDAY, Sept 3rd
CALL 10: TUESDAY, Sept 17th

We meet twice per month, every other Tuesday from 12pm-1:30pm EST to learn, grow, mastermind, and uncover our superpowers and the action steps that will take us to the next step of our expansion.

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Meet the co-founders

Hi, I'm Sigute, and I'm Obsessed with Unlocking Your Potential.

I'm a Personal Brand + Business Coach who believes that being multi-passionate is your superpower. Gone are the days of a linear career and introducing yourself with your job title. You are bigger than the box you find yourself in today, and I'm here to lovingly coach you into your founder, thought leader, and queen era.

Author of "Multi-Passionate: How to Claim Your Identity and Radiate as a Multi-Passionate in a Linear World"

Meet the co-founders

Hi, I’m Jill, and I’m Here to Help You Discover Who You’re Truly Meant to Be.

I’m a Business and Spiritual Life Coach and a highly motivated and creative entrepreneur. Say goodbye to the limiting beliefs that are keeping you small. I’m here to guide you deeper into your truth so you can step into the world of expansion that awaits you - both in life and in your career. I say that you CAN have it all, with ease and simplicity. 

Creator of “Who Am I Really? A Journey through the Koshas to the Self”